Benefits of Amazon S3

5 key benefits of Amazon S3 - Augmento Labs

Every company wants to level up the standard in their field. Collecting, retrieving, and storing large amounts of data is a challenging task for an organization. Security is an important perspective in case of protecting private documents and files. Having a large amount of data bring complexities to the authority and slows down their performance.

Amazon S3 stands for Amazon Simple Storage Service is capable of storing a highly secured substantial amount of data with a simple service interface. It is very easy to work and allows us to retrieve data securely in Amazon S3. A specific region is required to store data is to create an S3 bucket and then you can store all your data here.

Amazon S3 has innumerable benefits and let’s take a look at some of the major ones:

  1. Flexibility in management

Amazon S3 provides a very simple or user-friendly web interface that helps to maintain, optimize and store data satisfactorily. Data saving and transferring are accurate here, there is no need to worry about data recovery. The configuration, its lifecycle policy, and other rules of Amazon S3 totally depend upon your use. Anyone can define any type of function without managing the basic physical systems of a business, region.

  1. Easy data migration

You can use many options that are available on Amazon S3 for efficient data transfer. Here large amount of data migration can be done to Amazon S3 or outside Amazon S3. The cost of data transfer is very efficient and easy to migrate. The import and export data can be done through the internet or with the help of any physical device in Amazon S3.

  1. Authentic security

Amazon S3 gives an opportunity to make limitations to the usage of Amazon S3 buckets through the identity created by them only. The overall control for any kind of access permission can be given by IAM (Identity Access Management) that how and who will access the file or the buckets. Your data cannot be accessible and there is no chance of any uncertified access, this maintains high-level security to your data.

  1. Cheap cost

Amazon S3 offers a very low price that you only pay for the data you use which is equivalent to ~$0.0125 / GB for infrequent access. Flexible management of data helps to monitor and reduce costs when the service improves. According to your relevance, you can make a limit for data transferring to the infrequent access which decreases the cost and makes it cheaper.

  1. Availability at any time

When it comes to availability, the Amazon S3 is available in most places with effective, reliable, highly scalable, less expensive data storage infrastructure. It offers Amazon Web Service customers a simple and effective way to work, operate and design the database and different types of applications.


We hope this article helped you to understand the benefits and importance of Amazon S3.

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