How To Successfully Build A Tech Start-up As A Non-Technical Founder

How To Successfully Build A Tech Start-up As A Non-Technical Founder

Start-up and technology have been so closely linked and used together that one would almost think that they are two synonyms of the same term. When we think about start-ups, the first thing that comes up in our mind is ‘coding’. One of the main reasons for a non-technical person to stop his idea of making his dream start-up is that he thinks he would not be able to launch something successful because of his lack of technical knowledge.

But the truth is, you don’t need to be a developer or a computer engineer to launch an impactful start-up. There are tech start-ups with non-technical founders that have reached an average valuation of USD 100M or more. These companies include renowned tech giants like Alibaba, Airbnb, Amazon, Pandora, Swig, WANELO, NerdWallet, Getaround, and Coffee Meets Bagel. With the right mindset, skill, and passion even a non-technical founder can be a successful entrepreneur.

So, now you know that the absence of a technical background should be one of the last things you should be worried about. In this article, we will be focusing on the factors that can help a non-technical person build a software-driven successful start-up.

  • Acquiring the knowledge of primary things

Let us admit that all of us cannot be computer masterminds. We do not need to be a developer, but it would be helpful if you do some research and validation and develop your knowledge about how the process is working and its technical flow. This will help you in getting a better understanding of all the technology that you want to add. Learning basic things will help you communicate better with the technical team with knowledge.

  • Finding a reliable technology partner

The best way to get your all the tech needs solved is by having a reliable tech partner like us. Augmento Labs has been one of the most trusted technology partners and have helped bloom many start-ups to international enterprises.

We are well-versed in clouds solutions and apps, devops, automation, mobile apps, Machine learning solutions , enterprise product development, digital, databases and IT consulting. We work with almost all the new-age technologies that your business would encounter. We use our technology expertise to help customers in innovative and nimble ways to make them succeed.

augmento labs technology stack

Having a tech partner like us will assure you that there is no risk of teaming up with a poor fit as we have a group of skilled developers who are ready to help you build your dream tech startup.

  • Choosing the right place to promote

Not everyone wants to buy what you are developing. One of the keys to having a successful start-up is having a clear identification of your desired market.

To pivot into a new industry, we should always plan something big, but start small and choose a specific area to have a clear target of customers to call on.

  • Collaboration with the right kind of people

Non-technical developers should make use of their business and communication skills to network diligently so that they can meet and form alliances with the right kind of people from the industry. They should not leave any opportunity to attend industry meetings, talk, and try to make a presence among the other tech giants. As they say, a little communication goes a long way.

  • Start selling from day One

If you are a non-technical founder, the most important thing you should do is not to wait for the right time, that is, you should not wait for the developers to finish the app. Because you need a lot of time to think and discuss your future partnership, raise investments, and negotiate sales contracts. This is a lengthy process and the sooner you start, the better.

Now you must be thinking what will we preach to people? You should make many presentations, mock-ups, and prototypes to let the people have an idea of your product even before it is put on the market. Convince your future users to pre-order it, offering them good discounts and attractive offers, to begin with.

  • Do what you do well- focus on your strengths. 

It might be that you do not have an idea about technological perspectives, but you have excellent writing skills. Then you should write daily blogs up on the internet dedicating to your product, to increase the visibility of your start up. It might even be that you a good communicator, then you should reach out to the target audience and let them know and understand what you have been working on. In short, make use of all the skills that you got.


  • Be extra cautious about handling money and managing finances

One of the reasons for the failures of start-ups is most start-ups underestimate the importance of managing their finances from the very beginning. As a founder, one of your primary responsibilities would be to ensure that a proper flow of income and expenditure is generated at your company.

  • Be a Charismatic Leader in which the people can trust

Going into the growth stage, your start-up will continue maturing and expanding. As you will be starting to deal with more employees, you need to become a charismatic leader and a positive presence of personality among the other people.

A great example of this point is Jack Ma from Alibaba. Without a background in technology, he stands out as a non-technical founder for an extremely successful technology company.

  • Proper Communication with the Tech team

You should have a clear idea about what your clients want in your software, and you should communicate accordingly with the tech team. It often happens that non-tech founders give the developers their product requirements, and they turn a blind spot on the backend of the app, which increases the consumption of time in the app development. That is why learning the basic concepts of technology is so important.


If you are a non-technical start-up founder, It is always better to work with a reliable technology partner, who can take care of all your tech needs at an affordable cost. We provide the best tech partnerships which can help you to significantly reduce costs and launch a start-up that will attract a lot of customers which will eventually turn your start-up into a successful business.

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