Healthy Building Solution For A Multinational Conglomerate Corporation


The Customer is a US-headquartered multinational conglomerate corporation operating in a range of industries, such as aerospace, building technologies, performance materials and technologies, and safety and productivity solutions.


The customer was looking to build a healthy buildings solution that can provide portfolio and facility-level visibility and recommendations to help optimize the buildings’ indoor air quality to minimize the risk of infectious disease and threats, as well as optimize space utilization to support screening and safe social distancing using technology and advance analytics unlike siloed system with high-touch processes that require extensive coordination and can put facility staff and occupants at risk.

Solution :

As part of this engagement, we help refine the requirements and build the User Interface for the Healthy building solution as provided. Also, we build the services containing the business logic that calculate the Healthy building score and get the related data for the User Interface.

The development includes the following:

– Customer Support Commitment -Fix Beta, LA Feedbacks, SRE needs, Defect Fixes

– Healthy Buildings Occupant Signage

– Integrate Signify solutions for monitoring healthiness

– Enable Healthy buildings Score job scalable to deploy in 500 sites

– Increase footprint by deploying HB services in EU Datacenter

– Update the HB Score Calculations to include Awareness score for IAQ Pillars.

Tech Stack :

.Net Core , Rest API, Web API, Sql Server , React.js , Azure , CI/CD pipeline , High level design and Architecture, Test Driven Development approach, Agile Methodology etc.

Results :

Successful delivery as per customer satisfaction. End customers are using the product already and making a positive impact on the customer’ss top line.

Got further renewal for the next set of features based on our performance as we provided the outcome in a much faster, better, and cheaper way.