Reasons Why Python is Popular Among The Developers

It has been 30 years since Python first appeared. And now, it is one of the languages witnessing immense popularity year by year. Furthermore, it is considered to be one of the best programming languages for machine learning.

Let us read more of the reasons as to why Python is so popular among the developers.

  1. Python Is Easy To Learn And Use

If you are a newcomer or a beginner when it comes to learning language, then the python language is one of te easiest to learn and to use. The reason for this is that, python language consists of the most accessible programming language, with simple syntax and emphasis on natural language. Therefore, python codes can easily be written down and executed much faster than any other programming language.

In fact, Python was designed to be a general-purpose language. The reason it holds so much acclaim among developers is because of it’s emphasis on simplicity in syntax.

Especially for amateur developers, it is an easy language to understand and code.

Since it is an integrated language, developers can quickly change the base code of python which is an useful assets that makes it even more popular among developers.

  1. Supportive Python Community

As we’ve already mentioned, python has been functional for 30 years, therefore, it has witnessed a huge amount of growth and maturity in the support it provides beginner developers.

When a language has been functional for this long, there are many archival information available to use; these archives involve documentation, video tutorials, and guides. Any learner can use the available sources to advance their knowledge un python programming language.

Moreover, it is important to know any programing language that does not have good developer support for documentation will fizzle out. But python has a strong documentation available for developers to peruse. In fact, the python developer community is one of the most active communities you will find.

The community always try to guide any new learners who have learnt data science. The reason community support is so important, is because they are able to get immediate support in case they encounter any issue. Getting the required assistance within the right time frame, helps in the early completion of projects.

  1. Support from Renowned Corporate Sponsors

When a corporate sponsor backs a programing language, the growth is much faster. As you may know, python is heavily backed by Facebook, Amazon, and Google as well.

In 2016, Google adopted the python language, and used many of its applications and platforms since then. This has resulted in Google donating a lot of effort and money into the training and success of the language. Additionally, there is a portal created by Google which is specifically dedicated to python.

  1. Numerous Python Libraries

Since python has a lot of corporate sponsorship and a supportive community, there are great libraries available for you to select and consequently, save time and effort. Also, there are a lot of cloud media services that are offering support with library-like tools.

Additionally, these libraries provide specific focus like nltk for nautral language processing or scikit-learn for the machine learning applications.

Here are some frameworks and libraries available for python language:

  • SciPy for engineering applications, science and mathematics.
  • NumPy for scientific computing
  • Matplotib for plotting charts and graphs
  • BeautifulSoup for HTMl parsing and XML.
  • Djanjo for server-wide web development
  1. Versatile and Efficient

You will not find another modern language, with as much efficiency and reliability as python. You can use python in any environment, and you will not experience any performance loss problem.

This flexibility of python makes it very attractive because of the high number of applications. These applications include mobile applications, desktop applications, web development, hardware programming among many more.

  1. Machine Learning, Cloud computing and Big data

Machine Learning, Cloud computing and Big data help a lot of organizations transform and improve their processes and workflows. Therefore, they are some of the biggest trends in the computer science world right now.

There are many data processing workloads in the organization which are solely powered by python language. Since python has a lot of applications like ease of analyzing and organizing the usable data, most of the research and development takes place here.

  1. Flexibility of Python language

When you become an expert in the language, you will have the flexibility and knowledge to make something new. Since python doesn’t restrict its developers from developing any new kind of application, there is a lot of opportunities to experiment and make something that has never been made. No other programming language offers this kind of freedom.

  1. Use of python in academics

Python has now, become a fundamental language in the development world. Therefore, it is required to be taught as the core programming language in schools and colleges. Specifically, python has a lot of uses when it comes to Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, data science, etc.

Python has indirectly helped in increasing the number of developers and programmers, which in turn has expanded its growth.

  1. Automation

When it comes to automation, python is the best performance booster in the automation of software testing. It will decrease the amount of time and the number of lines that is required to write codes.

Because of the availability of tools and modules, python programming helps a lot in the automation of tasks.


We hope this article has helped you understand better what makes python stand out, and why it is so popular among developers.

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