Top 5 Industries With Their IoT Applications

Top 5 Industries With Their IoT Applications - Augmento Labs

Iot (Internet of things) is referred as the billions of physical devices which are being used around the world and are now connected to the internet. This includes the collecting and sharing of the data. By merging the digital and physical universe, the Internet of Things is surely making the fabric of the world all over more smart and responsive. According to the research done by McKinsey, IoT technology business has seen a rise from 13% to 25% from 2014 to 2019. According to the Tech analyst of IDC company, total there will be 41.6 billion connected IoT devices by 2025. Thus we can see that what a wide application IoT has.

Usually the benefits of IoT on a business depends on the particular implementation of agility and efficiency. It is just a cumulative idea to help the enterprises to have access to more data about their own products and their own internal systems, and a greater ability to make changes as a result.

The top 5 industries with their IoT applications are:

  1. Small Factories

Top 5 Industries With Their IoT Applications - augmento labs

  • Predictive maintenance- Usually the problems which can be predicted are kept at bay by conducting the maintenance. Therefore, one can totally omit the checking over some components of the machine for a lifetime, if their problems are not predicted. We can take example of a robotic company Fanuc. It is working on reducing the downtime of machines with IoT technology. They use sensors to predict when the failure of the component will happen.
  • Energy Management- One of the most costly input for the industrial business is its energy. When there is fluctuating energy costs and strict government requirements of efficiency, the management of energy distribution becomes very important. IoT devices help the manufacturers by managing the energy consumption based on real-time data collected from devices. The intelligent energy management systems reduce the energy bills, operational expenditures and carbon footprint of the factory while increasing the energy efficiency. For example in WebNMS, an IoT platform which provides IoT applications, it includes energy management to optimize the energy consumption by the businesses.
  • Enterprise Asset management- This involves the work management, asset maintenance, planning and scheduling, supply chain management and environmental, health and safety (EHS) initiatives. Businesses use an asset with IoT sensors to collect real-time data. When the asset management increases real-time visibility of assets with powered IoT and help the businesses optimize their resource while providing benefits like increasing operational efficiency, a better responsive smart environment, better control over the sales lifecycle etc.
  1. Smart Cities

According to Kay Sharpington from Gartner, “The COVID-19 pandemic is slowing down spending, however, governments across the globe continue to use IoT technologies and solutions to improve citizen safety. At the same time, the falling endpoint and connectivity costs make smart city initiatives more viable”. According to the calculations done by Gartner, global government Internet of Things (IoT) endpoint electronics and communications market will make a total of $15 billion in 2020, which will be a direct increase of 6% from 2019.

Top 5 Industries With Their IoT Applications - augmento labs

The smart cities will b working on some factors like:

  • Smart parking- According to the principle of smart parking it will work on the principle of sensors being attached to the parking lot, to detect the parked cars, measurements being sent to clouds by micro controllers, mobile apps being used to detect the empty parking spaces etc. Taking the example of cities like San Francisco, where car parking is a big problem, IoT sensors will minimise such issues.
  • Outdoor surveillance- Combining the IoT cctv cameras with artificial intelligence and machine vision will help the government to have an automate surveillance of streets through cameras. IoT enables connectivity of machines, therefore they will be able to record and analyse video data in real time, and they can provide police officers with insights instead of single pieces of images.
  • Smart lighting- It is considered to be the fourth-most mature IoT tech application. This aims to optimize energy management. Street lighting made with IoT sensors can collect data about the condition of traffic and pedestrians. That data, is used to provide optimum lighting so that street lighting systems can save up to 80% of the energy. This concept can also be applied to factories or homes.
  1. Water management

A key topic for the cities is the water management system. The drastic increase in the level of urbanisation and the stress on quality of water on human health has resulted in water management systems. Based on the real-time data collected from sensors the water management provides the following applications:

Top 5 Industries With Their IoT Applications - augmento labs

  • Water conservation- For the better conservation of water, the sensors detect the water level in tanks and alerts when the water level is lower than the threshold. Taking Mindtribe which developed Well™,a smart home water conservation system, as an example, we can see that they use IoT sensors to monitor water usage.
  • Smart irrigation- With the help of IoT sensors the weather condition and the soil moisture, can be determined, which will help in getting the appropriate amount of water that soil needs. Like in case of Bosch, that offers an IoT solution which can measure how much water the tree would need and provides that amount of water.
  • Leakage management- Coming to its rescue, the IoT sensors are made to detect the change in temperature, water leakage, chemical leakage, and pressure level in water tanks.
  1. Digital Health

Top 5 Industries With Their IoT Applications - augmento labs

  • Companion robots- For the elderly and the single children, the companion robots were created. The IoT sensors fitted are essential for robotics, as they are used to detect the things around them and enable the robot to move around. According to researchers, where the pandemic pushed the people off to social isolation this led to loneliness, anxiety and frustration among people, especially elderly. This resulted in people becoming more receptive towards companion robots.
  • Medical Fridges- They prevent the medicines and vaccines from getting spoiled, monitor the temperature of vaccines and medicines and organic elements kept in the clinics and health centres. The IoT sensors help the follow all the safety standards and national regulations of the pharmaceutical market. Like in case of Efento, an IoT sensor by IoT platform vendor, which provides various temperature measurement products along with wireless monitoring of temperature in medical refrigerators.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring- Using the wearable to monitor the condition of patients who take rest at home after surgery, this system enables real-time data collection about patients’ body temperature which is the main indicator of infections. This provides the doctors with data and help in early diagnoses diagnose without requiring patients to be physically present at the hospital. For example, an IoT solution vendor, Telit offers its users a remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution that enhances patient monitoring capabilities and patient satisfaction. This reduces the chances of hospital readmission of patients, and the duration of stay in hospital.
  1. Small Retail

Top 5 Industries With Their IoT Applications - augmento labs

  • Near Field Communication (NFC) Payment- These are the contactless payments methods. POS vendors which include NFC support in their systems, enable the customers to adopt a contactless payments via their smart phones.
  • Layout Optimization- Sensors fitted in the store gives the retailers insights to redesign the layout of their store, for enhanced sale. They also collect data like voice, image or video for better understanding the customer habits and preferences.
  • Smart Product Management- IoT sensors enable retailers to control the rotation of products on shelves and warehouses to automate merchandising decisions.

At Augmento labs, we have a special team of experts to provide you with the best services of IoT. We value our relation with our customers and provide them with personalized and customized services. We believe that IoT has the potential to grow the world of technology much further, and we will provide our services, with our team, so that you don’t have to face any difficulties.

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