Top 6 Business Benefits of Microsoft Azure Cloud

Business benefits of Microsoft azure cloud

While we see multimillion companies doing the best they can to reduce their data storage cost, the cloud services are coming to their rescue. Being the most sought after feature, in the present scenario, the cloud storage clearly depicts how big data has the ability to transform the modern business landscape and the high demand for agile management applications. A 2018 study by RightScale shows that, approximately 81% of enterprises have some form of multi-cloud strategy in place already and 38% of respondents are viewing public cloud adoption as their top priority.

Currently, the public cloud marketplace is saturated with competition. With so many options available, the business leaders are now struggling to find their perfect choice. But even with so much competition 3 companies have stood out as market leaders: Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Although Google is a definite winner in popularity and usage, Microsoft Azure cloud is the first runners up.

What is Microsoft Azure Cloud?

Microsoft Azure Cloud is a cloud service which is helping organisations to store and manage their data. It is an expanding set of on demand cloud service which apart from storing data, also helps to create complex web apps, improve their cyber security and compliance practices. Currently Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular cloud computing platforms on the web and is providing freedom to build, manage and deploy servers on a massive, global network using any tool and framework. Being a public cloud platform, Azure is enabling its users to scale up their infrastructure to align with their particular needs and create hybrid computing environments.

Microsoft Azure provides its customers with many services. Some of its core services include:


  • Companies can quickly provision Linux and Windows virtual machine
  • Achieve high availability by autoscaling and supercharge app development
  • Uses server less architecture
  • Users can create micro services, scalable applications and APIs


  • Organisations can create hybrid computing frameworks
  • Utilise both private and public cloud infrastructure
  • Users can deliver the custom applications to virtual machines
  • Ensure high level of compliance
  • High level of cyber security
  • Network resources are monitored


  • Offers secure and scalable cloud storage
  • Companies are provided with agile connectivity and scalable infrastructure
  • No need of on premises hardware
  • Both structured and unstructured data
  • All data is encrypted
  • All data is accessible over HTTP and HTTPS
  • Compatible with many languages including NET, java, nodes.js, python, PHP etc


  • Advanced analytics services
  • Unrivalled time to insight
  • Allows analytics team to run complicated queries across huge set of data
  • Provides managed cloud Hadoop or Spark environment with real time data stream processing
  • An enterprise grade analytics engine
  • Flexible AI development


  • Simplifies data recovery
  • Allows its users to backup virtual machines
  • SQL workloads
  • On premise VMware with a single click
  • Azure also provides companies to quickly restore data using VSS snapshot or fsfreeze without fear of application consistency


  • Helps keep critical applications running during planned and unplanned outages
  • Has built in disaster recovery tools
  • Users can replicate, failover and recover processes
  • Also minimize downtime by sequencing multi tier applications running on multiple virtual machines
  • Provides high level of customization

Business Benefits of Microsoft Azure Cloud

Apart from providing these core services, Microsoft azure Cloud also benefits modern business. But one should remember that different businesses have different needs. An effective way of using the Microsoft Azure Cloud to its fullest is but pin pointing the exact needs of the organisation before signing up. Scroll down to find out the top business benefits of Microsoft Azure cloud.

Business benefits of Microsoft azure cloud - Augmento Labs


Change is constant in business, it maybe for growth or downsizing. This makes scalability a major concern. Traditional in-house servers do not provide effective scalability to the businesses. Hence it brings down their performance and ability to respond to business changes.

Microsoft Azure is 100% scalable, as it authorises the organisations to increase the storage space as and when required. This gives maximum capacity during short term traffic bursts and long term project expansion. Azure was designed in such a way that it can be scaled and adjusted according to the users to prevent disruption of the high load applications.


The downside of on-site hardware is, it eventually lags and increases the running costs, it includes security risk, risk of system failure and of course warranty and replacements. The high upfront costs and consistent overhead, burns a hole in the company’s budget. One way to eliminate the need for on-site hardware is by moving the data, applications and computing process to the clouds.

Azure’s advanced networking features will help you keep some of the private servers, and build a hybrid cloud environment, whether due to convenience or compliance issue. It uses state-of-the-art technology and keeps the system regularly update. This makes sure the best equipment is always available to you and provides you with the ongoing maintenance and progress without any downtime in business or increase in your monthly subscription.


The pricing structure of Microsoft Azure’s consumption allows small businesses and large enterprises to manage their IT budgets better and leverage the exact features of cloud that they need. It decreases the infrastructure cost and reduces the burden on in-house IT management and streamline cross departmental workflow. It also provides users to be backed by Microsoft’s extensive knowledge base and support team, in case any issues arise. It eliminates the need for your business to have its own data centre and costs that come with it. Thus it would save you from the extra cost of building infrastructure, equip their in-house server and staff to manage it. When you host your data on a cloud based server, the bandwidth is shared and reduces the costs.


Microsoft Azure provides high availability and redundancy across all its centres. Having spread over 55 regions in 140 countries, Azure gives the company a global reach. Thus it offers 99.95% availability amounting to 4.5 hours of downtime per year.

You don’t have to worry about taking tapes or hard drives offsite. Cloud backs up everything into a secure server. Its recovery feature also allows you onto a secondary site or straight into the cloud.


Microsoft Azure allows the organizations to build, deploy and manage their own custom web apps. It permits you to use a variety of tools and programming languages including Java, Kubernetes, NET, Python etc. Due tot this flexibility users can create next generation applications for web and mobile devices with utilization of host of management resources. The end to end development platform feature of Azure, helps the companies to optimize their internal web apps and customer facing experience.


Azure protects all the data by an advanced encryption process. When your server is hosted on Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform, it is protected by Microsoft’s data centre security. It provides you with complete transparency and hence you know how your data is accessed, and where it is stored and secured. Microsoft Azure also has a global incident response team which work to deal with any possible cyber threats. Being fitted with two-tier authentication, proxy card access reader and also biometric scanners, Azure built in security helps maintain privacy, integrity availability of sensitive customer information.

We at Augmento labs here help you to avail this amazing feature of Microsoft Azure cloud. Our expert team will guide you throughout the process and help you set up the cloud platform as per your requirement. The cloud team at Augmento labs will assist you with the rapid modernization of the existing applications, shifting the right workload of using the latest DevOps and with the cloud applications. They will also provide you assistance in

  • The development of portals and websites
  • Guide you to use the cloud platform of Microsoft Azure
  • SaaS based app development especially focusing on cloud centred architecture and design
  • Using agnostic stack for the development of scalable and impactful full stack cloud applications.

So why wait, come join hands with us and let us provide you with our best services.

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