Top Reasons to Choose AWS as Your Cloud Platform

Although there are various cloud computing services available, Amazon Web Services have been widely used across the globe. With cloud computing being on rising, AWS is heading the leader board. With more than 40% market share of the cloud service market, Amazon Web Services is winning in the industry. It offers cloud-based storage, virtual storage, and 70 other services to enterprises for their digital needs. Amazon cloud business solutions will help you to move your organization to virtual channels and you can easily reap the benefits of digital technology.

This article highlights the top 7 reasons why AWS cloud services are the best for your enterprise. While there are other platforms like Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Heroku, and more, we will see the AWS benefits that make it stand out in the industry.

AWS cloud management system now has over a million customers and generates $10 billion in annual revenue. The platform is trusted by companies like Kellogs, Samsung, Unilever, Nokia, Netflix, Adobe, and most of the multinational giants.

Here are 7 reasons you should choose Amazon Web Services as your cloud platform:

  1. Location:

One of the biggest AWS advantages is that it is available in 44 different zones in 16 geographical locations. You can access the servers from any country you want. Each region is wholly contained within a single country and all of its data and services stay within the designated region. Each region has multiple “Availability Zones”, which consist of one or more discrete data centers, networking, and connectivity, housed in separate facilities. Several services can operate across Availability Zones while others can be configured to replicate across Zones to spread demand and avoid downtime from failures. By hiring an AWS developer, you can access all the features from wherever you are. There are no regional boundaries on utilizing the servers as well.

  1. Recovery System:

Another of the most valuable AWS benefits is its disaster recovery system. Implementing disaster recovery on AWS can be an effective first step in your cloud journey. When you set up CloudEndure Disaster Recovery, your source machines are replicated to AWS, kept up-to-date with all application changes, and ready to run on your target AWS Region. Custom software development companies offer a solution to recover lost data so that your day-to-day operations are not hindered. The cloud computing provider has a well-defined disaster recovery plan for enterprises of all sizes.

  1. Better Security:

AWS, as a cloud service, offers enhanced security to protect your virtual organization. The data centers and servers have multiple layers of operational security. The solution offers smooth workflow in the Amazon Web Services Cloud that makes it easier to securely manage terabytes of data for battery and connected vehicle data to store and scale parallel algorithm training workloads to hundreds of cores in a short time. The best thing is that Amazon regularly conducts infrastructure evaluations to check for any security vulnerabilities. The Amazon detective makes security monitoring faster and much more reliable.

  1. Multi-region Backups:

AWS Backup is a fully managed backup service that makes it easy to centralize and automate the backup of data across AWS services in the cloud as well as on-premises using the AWS Storage Gateway. Since the AWS cloud management system is decentralized, you can backup your important data in multiple regions. The platform offers AMIs and EBS snapshots mode of backing up. So even when your primary operational environment goes offline, your backup will not have any impact. You can also schedule backups across different regions.

  1. Scalability Factor:

Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing are two AWS tools that make scaling easier while delivering high performance. You can scale up or down based on your requirements. AWS Auto Scaling monitors your applications and automatically adjusts capacity to maintain steady, predictable performance at the lowest possible cost. AWS Auto Scaling makes scaling simple with recommendations that allow you to optimize performance, costs, or balance between them. Amazon Web Services has a massive infrastructure that can provide computing resources as and when you need them.

  1. Pricing Model:

One of the top AWS advantages is its pricing model. AWS platform works on the pay-as-you-go pricing model. There is no heavy subscription fee that you will have to pay, hence there is no wastage of resources that you won’t even use. The flexible pricing structure drastically improves the organizational bottom line, keeping cloud computing affordable for you. AWS offers you a variety of pricing models for over 160 cloud services.

  1. Flexibility:

Finally, one of the most important AWS benefits is its flexibility. AWS enables you to select the operating system, programming language, web application platform, database, and other services you need. This eases the migration process for existing applications while preserving options for building new solutions. AWS offers a virtual environment to load all the services that your application may require. It also simplifies the data migration process. You can choose which services you use, one or several, and choose how you use them. This flexibility allows you to focus on innovation, not infrastructure.

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