Asset Performance Management Solution For A Multinational Conglomerate


The Customer is a US-headquartered multinational conglomerate corporation operating in a range of industries, such as aerospace, building technologies, performance materials and technologies, and safety and productivity solutions.


The customer was looking to build an Asset Performance Management solution that provides maintenance teams visibility and recommendations into their warehouses to help improve asset availability and prevent unplanned downtime, reduce extraneous maintenance activities with just-in-time maintenance, and extend the life of their assets and spares with preventative maintenance.

Solution :

As part of this engagement, we helped refine the requirements and build the User Interface for the APM as required. Also, we build the services containing the business logic that serves this data and get the related data for the User Interface.

The development includes the following:

  • Asset details dashboard
  • Asset tree navigation and site navigation
  • Configuration tools to bulk onboard assets and edit their parameters
  • Fault tree
  • Event list and event details
  • Integrating the analytics workbench

Tech Stack :

.Net Core , Rest API, Web API, Sql Server , React.js , Python,Azure , CI/CD pipeline , High level design and Architecture, Test Driven Development approach, Agile Methodology etc.

Results :

Quickly build a team of 20 within 3 weeks and helped the customer get moving with their target release. Large and complex project with lot of field data and helped with required architecture support to scale up the performance.

A lot of new features getting developed as part of this.

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