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Kibana, a data virtualization tool is built by Elastic, which also develops Elasticsearch and Logstash. Elasticsearch is used to store document-oriented data and semi-structured data and Logstash allows to collect, parse, and store logs for future use. Kibana is a visual tool that enables you to analyze, visualize, and build dashboards for log data stored in Elasticsearch. They are commonly called ELK Stack or Elastic Stack since they can work well together.

Data querying and analysis are the core features of Kibana. Furthermore, Kibana’s visualization capabilities let you visualize data in alternate ways through heat maps, line graphs, histograms, pie charts, and geospatial support. In Kibana, big data can be quickly understood, and dynamic dashboards can be built and shared to frame-out changes in Elasticsearch in real-time. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing features of Kibana.

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1. Interactive charts

You can use Kibana’s interactive charts and reports to browse large amounts of log data interactively. To extract actionable insights from your data, you can dynamically drag time windows, zoom in and out of specific data subsets, as well as drill down on reports.

2. Mapping support

Kibana’s powerful geospatial features let you visualise geographical information over data and observe results on maps seamlessly. Geospatial visualizations in Elastic Kibana are enabled by the Elastic Maps service, which provides shape files, baseman tiles, and other key features needed for geodata visualization.

3. Secure Sharing and Collaboration

With Kibana, you can restrict how your visualization and dashboards are viewed to prevent data leakage. The data, visualizations, and even dashboards you create in Kibana can be shared with your colleagues, bosses, and clients who want to see the same details that you see.

4. Graphs

Elastic Kibana allows you to discover relationships between data points in addition to plotting them. A powerful graphical exploration API is available to accomplish this, providing an alternative method for exploring as well as summarizing information about the data in the Elasticsearch index

5. Reporting

One of the best features of Kibana is its reporting option, which allows you to easily generate reports based on your visualization or dashboard. Reports can be scheduled, delivered on demand, and triggered according to certain conditions. Additionally, you can submit HTTP POST requests to generate reports, which can also be shared with others.


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