Top Benefits of Using NodeJS for Web App Development

While Node.JS is hardly the only programming environment that can be run on JavaScript, it is definitely the most widely adopted. And one can clearly see why. Programmers love working with it. Being a backend run-time environment, Node.js allows its developers to load up mobile apps while simultaneously running functions without crashing or slowing the servers. It runs on JavaScript which is one of the easiest-to-use and most popular programming languages in the world, which proves to be a bonus.

What exactly is Node.JS?

Node. js is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast and scalable network applications. Node. js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices. It was meant mainly for the server-side, or client-side, of a mobile application, it is a full-stack development environment that divides up tasks into fully separate “nodes.” Here each task is separated into independent, separate node paths and the tasks can run simultaneously and seamlessly altogether, without bogging down the server or using up too much capacity.

A Node is a “microservice” pattern, which has a self-contained pathway that fulfills a particular service. It works innovatively by breaking down an app into its smallest bits. But it’s a very efficient way to handle mobile applications, which need speed, accessibility, and accuracy above all. Functions like customer email, or shopping carts, or portal requests are given their own “node.”

Benefits of using Node JS

  • The ability to scale up quickly

There is no limit to the number of nodes that you can add to your core programming function. This means you can scale vertically, adding new capability paths that lead back to your core application code. Or, you can scale horizontally, adding new resources to existing programming. Either way, scalability gives your application room to grow, and that’s one of the key benefits of using Node.js.

  • Speed and Performance

Its non-blocking, input-output operations make the environment one of the speediest options available. Code runs quickly, enhancing the entire run-time environment. This is majorly due to its sectioned-off system. Its apps are more likely to be programmed end-to-end in Javascript, and that plug and play interoperability contribute to speed and performance.

  • Flexibility

When you make a change in Node.js, only that node is affected. Whereas other run-time environments or frameworks would require you to make changes all the way back to the core programming, but Node.js doesn’t require anything more than just a change at the node. And that is great not just for your initial build, but for your ongoing maintenance as well. And best of all, you can exchange information between client servers and the web server by combining JSON with Node.

  • The accessibility of a single programming language

As it is being powered by JavaScript, programmers find it easy to tie nodes into the rest of the full-stack development. This makes it easier for front-end developers to take on more difficult back-end programming tasks. It does not require any other server-side languages. And that’s a good thing because it speeds up development processing in almost every area and allows programmers of all levels easier access to your mobile apps’ back end. It’s one of the key benefits of Node.js.

  • Efficient caching

Node.js has a powerful ability to cache data. When requests are made to the app, they are cached in-app memory. Consequently, when requests cycle through execution and re-execution, the nodes are still able to run efficiently and not be bogged down by historical data.

  • Node Package Manager for Enterprise

Its many available packages are available free and open-source, over the open web. And that can be a security risk, especially for large, enterprise-level organizations. It also offers businesses a private registry with high-end security features. This allows the company to identify vulnerabilities, replace unsafe code, and control who can and cannot see their code. Enterprise-level companies looking to hire a dedicated team of Node.js developers should definitely make sure they have experience with its enterprise-level software solutions, and how UX/UI is affected in this environment.

  • A better choice for mobile

Its fast development times, ease of use, and ability to scale up with increased traffic make it an indispensable tool for getting your company into the mobile mainstream.

  • Real-time communication

It maintains a steady connection between the user and the server, and that means there’s no lag between what a user asks for, and the server processing the request. While other run-time environments are trying to parse out a message letter by letter, it has already processed the request whole.

  • An active user community

No discussion of Node.js advantages and disadvantages would be complete without discussing the huge benefits of its enormous user community. Many thousands of programmers around the globe belong to this user community, and they are very helpful to each other, providing each other with new, open-source code for every type of mobile application need. If there’s something that’s hanging up your design team, chances are, quick answers can be found through the community.

  • Easy to master

Node JS is easy to learn, primarily because it’s based on JavaScript. This makes it easier for your front-end programmers or designers to learn more complicated server-side programming with ease.

The wide range of benefits offered by Node.js overshadows the few drawbacks that it has. Companies are now opting for Node.js. It has made the work of programmers and developers much easier. The flexibility is providing is one of the major reasons why people choose this programming language.

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