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Benefits of Amazon S3

Every company wants to level up the standard in their field. Collecting, retrieving, and storing large amounts of data is a challenging task for an organization. Security is an important perspective in case of protecting private documents and files. Having a large amount of data bring complexities to the authority and slows down their performance. […]
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Top 5 Advantages Of Python Keras

Keras is a simple and deep learning API (Application Programming Interface) that was developed to implement neural networks. It is a high-level API that shows the relevant information to the user and hides the backend computation. This API also supports the backends like TensorFlow, PlaidML, Theano, etc. Here are some of the advantages of Python […]
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Bootstrap Vs React – Which One To Choose For Front-end Development

Here is the basic understanding of what each subjects’ purpose is, Bootstrap is an open-source front-end toolkit whereas React is a JavaScript library for building UI. However, both are close competitors for designing and building the best UI for web applications. Overview Bootstrap employs CSS framework to create mobile-first websites that are responsive. Besides CSS, […]

Top Reasons to Choose AWS as Your Cloud Platform

Although there are various cloud computing services available, Amazon Web Services have been widely used across the globe. With cloud computing being on rising, AWS is heading the leader board. With more than 40% market share of the cloud service market, Amazon Web Services is winning in the industry. It offers cloud-based storage, virtual storage, […]
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Advantages of Choosing Flutter for Mobile App Development

Flutter has become quite popular among coders all over the world. It is a mobile development framework that contains all the elements from cross-platform and native development models to build robust applications in minimal time. As the Flutter app development company provides applications that serve a huge audience base, nowadays, many businesses are interested in […]

Top Benefits of Using NodeJS for Web App Development

While Node.JS is hardly the only programming environment that can be run on JavaScript, it is definitely the most widely adopted. And one can clearly see why. Programmers love working with it. Being a backend run-time environment, Node.js allows its developers to load up mobile apps while simultaneously running functions without crashing or slowing the […]

Top 6 Emerging Technologies Enabled by the Cloud

Technology has come a long way. It has transformed our lives completely. With the introduction of new features and updates every day, technology has provided us much more than we can use. One such major revolution that technology has introduced into our lives is ‘cloud computing. It has completely changed the way business functions. So […]
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Data Mining Techniques for a Successful Business

Data is being stored in enormous amounts now. With varied sources like credit card transactions, publicly available customer data, data from banks and financial institutions, storing such a huge amount of data is becoming difficult day by day. Many relational database servers are being continuously built to make your work easier. As you already know, […]
Serverless Computing - Pros, Cons & How it works - Augmento Labs

Serverless Computing – Pros, Cons & How it works

For the most part of time, developers are wasting a lot of their time managing, checking and caring for the server infrastructure. Due to this they are not able to invest the time in their job that makes the most difference, creating codes. In addition to that, they also have to look at the operating […]
Elasticsearch - What it is, When to Use and Business Benefits - Augmento Labs

Elasticsearch – What it is, When to Use and Business Benefits

From your enormous database, if your customers are able to search for their preferred product/service, only then your business can be known for providing superior customer services. Poor customer service arises from the delay in retrieving information, which may also lead to the loss of a potential client. The backbone of a successful and efficient […]