People Behind Augmento Labs: Vinayaka K.S

People Behind Augmento Labs - Vinayaka K.S

How you got to know about Augmento labs and joined us?

From LinkedIn, through virtual interview taken by Rohit and Achinth, Tested with analytical skills and technical skills.


Q1 – What brings you to work?

Coding and Learning a new thing from experienced seniors.

Q2- What has been a big learning moment in your career?

Clearing LinkedIn C# and Hacker Rank Java Certification in 1st attempt.

Q3- What was your best day at work?

When the code works as expected!!

Q4- What’s something that happened that can only happen here?

Support and team work at its best.


Q5 – What’s the best advice you were ever given and who was it from?

Consistency is key to success.

Q6-What’s one hobby you’d love to get into?

Physics and Solving Puzzles.

Q7 – What book are you reading now?

The Alchemist


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